The funny thing about home maintenance or home decoration games is that a lot of them use templates. They really do. It’s as if you played one game, you pretty much played all of them. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s how a lot of these games play out.

It’s really too bad because they could be so practical. They could give you all sorts of advice that would enable you to make the best use of, not only your interior spaces, but the stuff that you put into those interior spaces. I’m talking about furniture and decorative items.

For example, these video games could teach you the central fact that you need a pad for your rug on hardwood floors. If you have a home and it has a hardwood floor, you know that the hardwood floor is very expensive. It not only costs a lot of money to put this item in an interior space. It also costs quite a bit of cash in terms of labor to make sure it’s properly maintained.

Not only do you pay a premium for the hardwood floor tiles or units themselves, you also have to pay for the labor needed to install these materials into any interior space. Whether it’s your living room or your master bedroom, it really doesn’t matter. These factors are always at play.

So, it really would suck if you use a rug that ends up scratching the top layer of your hardwood floor. What makes this really annoying and irritating is the fact that all of this happens under your nose. Seriously. It’s like you have to actively catch this. You have to make a point of observing this phenomenon; otherwise, it’s just going to take place on an automatic basis.

In fact, in most cases, people are not even aware that this is happening because you just see that nice-looking rug. It looks awesome to you, but you fail to realize that underneath the rug are some harsh fibers that scratch the surface of the hardwood floor every single time you walk on that rug.

You don’t even have to touch it all that much. A little motion is enough to get that scratching going. What makes this even more complicated is that this scratching in of itself doesn’t really inflict all that much damage on the hardwood floor’s surface. What causes the damage is the repetitive nature of this motion.

So, if you were to keep up this activity over a long enough period of time, don’t be surprised if the floor area underneath your rug looks scuffed up, scratched or even badly cut. That’s how bad things could be, and the worst part to all of this is that this is happening right under your nose.

You may actually be having a good time walking on your rug, admiring it, thinking that it adds so much value and style to your interior space. Little do you know that it’s actually cutting into that expensive hardwood floor. It can get so bad that you would have to replace the hardwood floor. You would be actually quite lucky if you’re just going to have to spend a few hundred bucks having the veneer replaced.

So, do yourself a big favor. Realize that you need a pad for your rug on hardwood floors. This is non-negotiable. Thankfully, there are lots of cheap pads available. Do yourself a favor. Make sure you pick a pad that is very soft and doesn’t scratch. It has to be a flexible enough so that it preserves the top layer of your hardwood floor’s veneer.