If you are pitching a tent in the great outdoors, you might have a lot of fun when there’s a lot of light. If it’s around noontime, tents are a lot of fun. People whip out all sorts of board games, the food comes out, and everybody has an amazing time. This is especially true if some sort of beer is part of the picture.

It’s a completely different situation once the sun goes down. Believe it or not time flies when you’re having a good time, and the more fun you have, the faster the sun will sink like a rock, and you are faced with pitch-black darkness.

Believe me this is one thing that I’ve learned in the hardest way possible. I thought that nighttime in my part of California was pretty dark, but it turned out that since I lived in a town that is close to a cosmopolitan area, the nighttime sky was actually reflecting a lot of the city’s lights. Sure, the city was quite a waste away, but there’s still enough light reflecting into the nighttime sky that it wasn’t as dark as it could have been.

Well, I found out in the worst way possible when I went to a distant town and then passed that town to a very wild area. Do you know how dark it could be in a place where the nearest town is a hundred miles away? It’s pitch-dark, and that phrase is extremely accurate. If you’ve ever seen pitch or tar, that’s one of the blackest black stuff out there. That’s how dark the sky gets.

So, do yourself a big favor. If your campsite is located in a very far off location, you need to bring solar lights or some sort of very portable light source that will give you the illumination you need to light up your campsite. A bit of light goes a long way because if you’re playing board games, you need light to see the chips and game pieces people are handling. If you are eating food, a bit of light can make the eating experience less of a hassle. This is especially true if you’re talking with your friends.

Thankfully, solving the pitch-black rural darkness problem is easier than you think. You just need to pack flagpole lights. These are amazing. They don’t take up all that much space, but they absorb a lot of energy so you can get a nice, reliable lighting source for quite some time.

Whether you’re playing games or you’re just simply talking with your friends, flagpole lights are definitely up to the job when it comes to providing adequate lighting for your great outdoor adventure. Don’t leave home without them because it can be quite a hassle out there in the middle of nowhere in pitch darkness.

Sure, it may be exciting at first, but you can get owned really quickly. Do yourself a big favor and bring the right lighting equipment so you can take the fun level of your camping adventure to a whole other level.