Are you looking for an under counter ice machine? This is a convenient type of kitchen appliance that can make your food and beverage preparation even better. Here are some of the most important issues to consider when looking for a particular unit:

  1. Built-in/Freestanding

These are the two main options in terms of the unit’s installation. When determining which option is best for your kitchen you should consider options including the amount of under-counter space you have, whether you’ll want to operate the unit in different locations, etc. Some units can be used for both types of applications. This is a plus if you want the unit to have more versatility. In that case, it’s better if you can pick between built-in or freestanding installation.

  1. Shipping

These units are somewhat heavy so it’s an important issue to consider in terms of shipping costs. The good news is you can find some online retailers that offer discounted or even free shipping. This is definitely a plus if you don’t want the shipping cost to cause the overall price to skyrocket. Make sure to shop around to find lower shipping costs since it can help to reduce the overall costs.

  1. Features

There are many options in terms of features including auto shut-off when the ice bin has filled up, and freezer functionality. There are tons of other features you can look for when picking an ice maker. Keep note that more features will result in a higher price tag. You’ll have to determine whether it’s worthwhile based on your budget, for example.

  1. Production/Capacity

These are both important issues to consider. How much ice does the machine produce per day, and how much can it store? The figures will be different for different units. It can be a major issue depending on whether you’re operating the unit in a home or restaurant. If you own a restaurant make sure to pick a unit with a high ice production/storage.

  1. Material

In particular, you should consider the material used for the ice maker’s exterior. Always look for a sturdy material like stainless steel. There are several reasons. For example, it means the under-counter ice maker will be more durable and won’t have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Another key benefit of a sturdy exterior is that it’s easier to clean. Stainless steel is quite easy to clean, for instance. Typically you can just wipe it down in order to clean it. If you maintain the unit consistently it will help to boost the longevity of the unit. That’s definitely a plus if you want the unit to last several years.