One of the most profitable business to run nowadays is mobile app hosting services. It seems that everybody and their dog is releasing a mobile app game.

Now, whether you’re featuring a first person shooter, some sort of puzzle, or some sort of city simulator, please understand that you cannot host these games from just one server. People are going to hate you. People who have managed to download and install your app will quickly uninstall it and leave a nasty review.

Why? Well, if you’re going to be running your games off just one server, it’s anybody’s guess how it will perform. In fact, you have to remember that most server clusters actually service many hundreds of clients. They already have their own needs. They already require a lot of bandwidth and processing speed.

Now, if you were to layer on your heavy duty demand as your app becomes famous, you may become a victim of your own success. That’s right, you may be putting yourself in the very difficult position of seeing your brand explode and immediately implode because you have invested in the wrong server infrastructure.

Unfortunately, a lot of game developers look at game servers as another task item. In fact, they actually place this item very low on their list of priorities. Not surprisingly, when games become really famous and it seems like people can’t get enough of your app, that’s when things slow down. Because the more people download your app and play your games, the more people have a problem with your server.

Eventually, word gets out that your server is very slow, people are not getting the kind of experiences that they’re looking for, and a whole host of other problems. What do you think will happen in this situation? That’s right. People will stop downloading your app, people will give you negative reviews and, if you’re not careful, your business will go belly up.

And the worst part to all of this is that you only have yourself to blame. Don’t put yourself in this situation. You have to have a little bit of foresight.

You have to understand that success really boils down to delivering solid value. Whatever game you have, whatever idea you’re playing with, is not exactly new. You know this, I know this, everybody knows this. The only difference, really, is rendition.

Maybe you have different graphics,

Maybe you have different game rules, maybe you have different game play mechanics. Whatever the case may be, your game is not 100% new. So with that said, please understand that your competitors will always be biting at your heels. It’s only a matter of time until they perfect their own variation of your game.

Since it’s not the game content that really distinguishes your brand from your competitors, you need to pay attention to your infrastructure. The experience of your customers must come first. They have to have a smooth, flawless, seamless experience so they won’t have any reason to jump ship.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “well, if I develop a solid brand in a particular type of game, wouldn’t people develop a particular fondness for my brand?” Well, this might be true. At some level or another, people are lazy. At some level or another, people would rather stick to a brand that they know rather than roll the dice with a brand that they don’t know. You have that much going for you.

With that said, however, people can only tolerate so much punishment. If I were to download your mobile app and try to play your game and I’m frozen half the time, you can bet that if I really like your game, I will find an alternative. I like the experience, and I like the value, but I hate the slow loading time. I hate the technical issues. I hate the bad infrastructure.

Eventually, the negatives will outweigh the positives, and don’t be surprised if the vast majority of your fans, regardless of how much they love your product, jump ship. If you think this is theory or speculation, think again. This happens all the time.

The reality of the current mobile game app marketplace is that we are dealing with millennials. Millennials do not have any patience for lackluster performance. They really don’t. They don’t have any loyalty when it comes to brands. Either you perform all day, every day, or they’re going to start thinking twice.

And unfortunately,

Once they start doubting, it takes a long time for those doubts to evaporate. You really have to hit a home run each and every time as far as performance is concerned for them to start forgetting those doubts. But once they start doubting your capabilities as well as the overall value you bring to the table, it’s anybody’s guess when they finally make the call and skip your app.

This has happened all the time. In fact, a lot of once high flying games never recovered because of the bad user experience produced by the game developer’s choice of hosting and infrastructure. Make no mistake about it, as awesome as game design and game experience are, a large chunk of this is impacted by your choice of infrastructure.

Game hosting is serious business. This is not an empty detail, this is not an afterthought, nor should you think of it as some sort of random checklist item that you can get to when you have the time for it.

If that is your attitude, don’t be surprised if your business starts to suffer. A little bit of attention to detail can definitely go a long way when it comes to hosting quality because hosting quality, in the big scheme of things, directly impacts the end-user experience.

Deliver the kind of experience your game users are looking for, and you will have a healthy, robust community built up around your brand. The larger this community, the more money you make. This is pretty straightforward.

Again, this is not speculation, this is not theory, and this is definitely not some empty academic exercise. This is the real deal. Businesses live or die based on this analysis, so you need to get serious about the quality of your game server hosting.

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Now, there’s a lot of hype and you’re probably thinking that maybe if there’s too much smoke that the hype’s probably going to under-deliver. Well, the good news is, they actually deliver.

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