Insane Games make sure that we are able to offer the best online games and user experience for you. Some players who look up with other players that had already achieved high scores and ranks will always wonder how they got to the top. Well, there are actually some factors that may affect your performance in online gaming. Here are some tips to improve your gaming skills and be one of the top players ever known of.

Always prefer a wired connection

As much as possible, you should choose a wired connection over a wireless one. In that way, you can rest assured that your internet connection will be much quicker because there is no interference. If you want to make sure that there would be nothing to interrupt you while you are playing the game, then a wired connection is a must. This will give you a stronger signal length while you are playing your favorite online game.

All programs should be closed

If you are opening any other programs that are related to the internet, you should close it first. Most especially if the program is downloading other applications. It will suck up into your bandwidth, making your game load a little bit longer than usual. You can also use the task manager in your personal computer in order to see what’s taking up most of your bandwidth. All unwanted programs should be closed so that all the signal strength of your internet connection will be directed to the game that you are playing.

Lessen the number of users

As much as possible, you should really minimize the number of users connecting to your internet. This is the main reason why Wi-Fi cafes are not recommended for playing online games because it is ridiculously slow. The more people using your internet connection at the same time, the slower it could be. Therefore, you should just play online games if you are the only one at home or you can tell your siblings not to download any applications while you are playing.

Make sure that your game is updated

In order to prevent bugs and other issues, update your online games as soon as there are any available. Updated games provide a smoother process for you and you can rest assured that you are able to boot your performance with your updated game. You should also clear up some memory on your hard drive because updated games will take up more space considering the improvements and upgrades that had been added into the game.

Tone down the quality settings

As much as possible, you should lower down the quality settings of your online game. It’s best to sacrifice a little bit of high quality graphics in an exchange of a smoother process in your system. You know too well that putting your quality settings into its maximum level can affect how the game will respond to your system. If you don’t mind the average graphic quality, it is highly recommended that you lower it down a little to decrease the risks of encountering any lagging problems in your computer.

Choose the local server

There are some online games that will let you choose your server. You should grab this opportunity by choosing the nearest server in your local area. In that way, you can rest assure a fast and smooth process. It will also help you to achieve the lowest ping times possible. Always remember that if you are in China and your server is in California, it would really take some time in sending and receiving the data while you are playing.

Join practice games

In order to further enhance your skills, you should consider joining any practice games that are being conducted out there. It will help you to develop new strategies and be smarter in playing your favorite game. Playing the same level on a game a few times will also help you to develop a trick on how to surpass it and get to the next level.

Watch live streams

If you want to have any idea how to surpass a certain level, quest, or challenges, it is highly recommended that you watch some live streams from different players all over the world. Their thoughts, strategies, and insights can help you come up with your own idea on how to beat the game. Aside from that, watching live streams before you step into a new level will also help you to avoid any potential traps and surpass it successfully.

Insane games offer you the best categories of online games out there! Using the aforementioned tips above, are you ready to play your favourite game? Download now!